Independent Review & Risk Assessment

Anti-money laundering laws require that financial institutions and other related companies have their AML programs undergo periodic reviews. AML Experts conduct affordable and high quality independent reviews which meet the standards of all regulatory agencies and banks.

Independent Review of Policies & Procedures

The law requires that all financial institutions have anti-money laundering policies and procedures in place, and that an independent consultant reviews these on a regular basis.

Our anti-money laundering consultants help you prepare for AML audits. We begin by reviewing your existing policies and procedures and then reviewing actual practices against written guidelines to establish compliance.

Subsequently, our AML consultants will determine if money laundering is effectively being counteracted within your institution. We might take a sample of transactions, or observe employee behavior and practices. Interviewing employees and examining files and documentation is part of the review process.

At the end of the review, you will receive a report detailing our findings and recommendations that your institution can proactively use to make improvements. This report can also be shared with your regulators and your service providers.

Risk Analysis & Assessment

An essential requirement of your AML program is to assess your risk. Let us analyze your products, services, locations, and customers to determine risk, which will allow you to maintain best practice governance for AML compliance.